Love for Sale On Fire What a big probe you have! Achievement Unlocked

Love for Sale

Dee showing her wares in the Red Light District in Amsterdam

On Fire

Dee models a rope dress made of glow-in-the-dark rope with purple EL wire in its core.

What a big probe you have!

Dee is amazed by the size of the alien's probe.

Achievement Unlocked

Dee rests blissfully after successfully completing a world record tie using 6,055 feet of rope.

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Mick and Dee

This is a story about two real people, Mick and Dee Luvbight, who have live a real master/slave relationship, and document it through Mick's photography.


One of the first things we intend to bring back are our class handouts.  We have handouts for classes on rope dresses, budget bondage photography, the Diamond Chest Harness and the Lewbari Hip Harness.


This section will hold our photo albums.


Mick's email address is <mick@luvbight.com>