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What do we consider scene music?

Music is very important to both of us...the lyrics, the tempo, the theme, all affect us strongly. The right song can put Dee into "subspace" before the first flogger is out of the toy bag. Of course, the wrong song can take her out just as quickly. Mick uses the rhythym to control the feel and flow of a scene, and the right song can add the needed energy for a good ass whipping.

The more we scene to each song, the more feelings and memories become associated with them, and each song becomes a more powerful trigger for both dom and sub.

Vampire Music

Dark and mysterious. Vampire stories are usually love stories...deeply romantic stories of hunger and desire, the forbidden and the taboo. We loved the advertisement from the failed Broadway Musical, Dance of the Vampires: "He will love you forever"...who else can promise that?

Music from the Succubus Club — Vampire: The Masquerade

This is simply a great compilation of vampire-themed songs from a variety of artists, including


Inkubus Sukkubus, Vampyre Erotica

Self-described as containing driving rhythyms and compelling lyrics. Our favorites include a cover of the Rolling Stones, Paint it Black, a haunting song called Heart of Lilith, and the instrumental Whore of babylon.


Underworld soundtrack from the motion picture

The movie was great, and though the music is sometimes too strident for good scening, there are two songs we do like

Dungeon Music

Butt Boy: Pleasure Bound, Cathedral, Conundrum, Visions


"Outted" by Rolling Stone in their Cool Music of 2003 issue. Butt Boy was in seminary studying music when he discovered that religious career opportunities for gays were limited, so now he composes scene music. Although decidedly "male" in its origin, the music makes great scene background for pervs of all genders and orientations.

Mick's favorites are tracks 1 and 4 from Conundrum, "Dance of the Whip" from Feel the music, and "The Beating of the Skins" from Pleasure Bound.

Music by and for fetish tops, he actually flogs to get the right tempo so that you don't wear your arm out trying to flog in time to the music.

So thoughtful...

Scene Lyrics

Songs about love, sex, control, pleasure and pain, with subtle or overt sexual meanings.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Fetish

Gaze down, it's time to be my dog...
I'll push, to get you in that fog...

This is a song by someone who gets it, and Joan is the credited songwriter. This will get you in the mood for a good mind fuck faster than anything else. Mick loves to single-tail in time to the whip cracks.


DiVinyls, diVinyls

Okay, so the meaning behind this song isn't very subtle...but the message of desire, tension and release comes through loud and clear.


Depeche Mode, The Singles, 86>98

More than just a synthpop band, the themes behind Depeche Mode are sensual and dark, which explains the effect they had on later bands like Bella Morte and Rammstein. Depeche Mode gets inside your head like a sharp needle getting under your skin.


Madonna Erotica and Bedtime Stories

Between the cute girl of the 80's and the children's author/mother of the 00's, was the 90's "Pervy Madonna" whose "Sex" book showed her in an open-nipple leather bra and g-string on one page and tied spread-eagled on a table dressed in latex on another. We like all the Madonnas, but the fetish Madonna is our favorite.


Nine Inch Nails, Downward Spiral, Pretty Hate Machine

Someone in the scene once described Trent Reznor to me as a "kinky fuck". Of course, in our circle of friends that's high praise. The music video for "Closer" was the first time MTV showed a ball-gag on their channel, to my knowledge.

But as popular as "Closer" is, with their catchy verse "fuck you like an animal", the most insightful line is from "Sanctified":

I still dream of lips I never should have kissed.
Well she knows exactly what I can't resist.

Driving beat

Some music just makes you want to hit something. Which is fine if you're doing a nice flogging scene.

Rammstein, Herzeleid, Sehnsucht

Rammstein is the most divergent of our musical influences...Mick loves the band, and dragged Dee to see them live in concert. Dee on the other hand is turned off by the gruff German vocals. In fact, one of the most evil scenes Mick forced on Dee was to lock a leather hood on her head with Rammstein playing in her earphones while she was forced to masterbate with a Panasonic "Reach Easy" vibrator.

The only song she really likes is their cover of Depeche Mode's "Stripped", mainly because they sing that one in English.

But you have to love a band who sings "Punish Me" while the lead singer beats his naked back with a rubber flogger. And their live show is a real lesson in fire play.


Stereomud, Perfect Self

We like one song from this album, "Pain" describes helpless feelings of being controlled and the inevitablity of surrender.

with every cut you make
you expose me
cause you know me


Matrix Re-loaded, Zion

This is the music from the orgy scene in Matrix 2. Sure, if I'm going to be destroyed by giant autonomous killer robots in the morning, I'm going to fuck my brains out tonight for sure. And this is just the music to get the party going.



VAST: Visual Audio Sensory Theater, Nude

The best album you've never heard (unless you've heard it, of course :-) This is rich and moving music with an undercurrent of sensuality and issues of control.

It sounds like an industrial, techno, gothic album done by an adult, which is ironic, because Jon Crosby was only 21 when he produced this masterpiece.

The best line is from Pretty When you Cry

If you knew how much i love you
you would run away
but when i treat you bad
it always makes you want to stay


Enigma, The Screen Behind the Mirror, Love Sensuality, Devotion

This band is a standard of fetish parties but there are still three tracks that deserve to be in your scene music library.


Blue Man Group, Audio

Known for their avante garde musical show at the Luxor in Vegas, you might not think of Blue Man Group as a fetish band (until you realize body painting is itself a fetish).

But this instrumental album played on alternative instruments makes a very effective trancelike setting for a BDSM scene, especially for caning. And you'll look like a genius because most people have never heard it.


The Crystal Method: Vegas, Tweekend

Ian Rath of Fetish Nation turned me on to this band, and we're really enjoying their music. With an electronic feel, and a DJ backing some songs, we've enjoyed using it in flogging scenes.


Dan Gibson, Ocean Surf

This is a great source of "white noise", most often used when Dee wears earphones under her leather hood or when Mick wraps her head in vetrap or plastic wrap for a sensory deprivation scene.

This is just 72 minutes of recorded ocean waves breaking on shore.


Mick and Dee Luvbight love to scene to bondage music, and this page describes the kinds of fetish music they use for scening. Depeche Mode, Vampire music, Visual Audio Sensory Theater, Rammstein and Dungeon Music from Butt Boy. Set the mood for a flogging, a caning, or create a trancelike state for a rope bondage scene.

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