Luvbight Bondage Bed
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This is perhaps our most unusual galleries ever, because there are no people in it. It's more like an episode of American Chopper or the Discovery Channel.

If you've been reading (and our studies show that most of you just look at the pictures), you know we've got a new house in Austin. You also know that our Pittsburgh house has a block and tackle in the master bedroom.

Well, our new bedroom has beautiful coping and a ceiling fan over the bed that make it difficult to install any suspension points.

Mick's solution was a bondage bed. Something with a steel canopy providing attachment points. You see, a few years ago we had a "Bed of Sticks" (okay wood, but sticks are wood). We broke that bed. Really. Cracked the center support.

We've had a cinder block under the bed for quite some time (the "Bed of Bricks"). It's gotten us by, but it wasn't nice enough to move it to Texas.

So Mick decided on a "Bed of Steel". Something to keep the wolves away.

So Mick spent much of the summer cutting, grinding, drilling, countersinking and welding a half-ton of steel into a beautiful steel sculpture.

Our signature icon is our "bighted heart" logo, and Mick made two of these one foot tall and one foot wide. That took a week of heating the steel rods with an acetylene torch and then bending them while still red hot. These hearts are displayed on either side of the massive headboard.

We'd seen many beds with four posts and a raised canopy that are very handy for overhead bondage, but our wooden four-poster bed had taught us that a high footboard makes bedtime flogging and whipping difficult. The two posts make it almost impossible to hit the target.

But we had to have some kind of overhead frame, because the beautiful wookwork in our new ceiling made it almost impossible to install suspension points without damaging the ceiling.

The solution was a "Cantilevered Suspension Canopy". A steel frame made of 2 inch black pipe bends and flows over the top of the bed, supporting a half-inch stainless steel eyebolt. This frame can support over 1,000 pounds directly over the center of the bed.

That's Dee and a eight of her closest friends.

The bed took Mick almost exactly twice as long as he expected to build, but he did eventually get it designed, cut, welded, assembled, painted, disassembled and loaded on a flatbed trailer to drive it to Austin.

Mick made his self-imposed deadline of Labor Day, and the bed was displayed to friends at our Labor Day party. Now that it's been show, you can see it for yourself.

...continued in Chained to the Bed...

Sculpting the Luvbight Logo
King-sized bed; some assembly required
Steel 2x4s and angle irons
Main posts are 4 x 6
The biggest piece: the Headboard
Heart Logo
Headboard test fitting
King-sized bed, test fit
Canopy pieces ready for painting
Painting the headboard
Priming the slats
The suspension frame gets hammered metallic copper paint
Another view of the headboard
Copper color for the suspension frame
Doesn't everyone use a skid loader as a painting tool?
The finished product
A cantilevered suspension canopy
Foot posts are low, with builtin eyebolts
Low-angled view
The foot of the bed is open, for better access for a flogger or a single-tail
The lighter color helps the suspension frame look less massive
Though massive, the bed fits nicely into our large bedroom
The ceiling has beautiful coping and plaster, so we can't just put eyebolts into the ceiling
The cantilever frame is the alternative to attaching things to the ceiling
Look quick...our bedroom won't be this clean for long
Made from 2 black steel water pipe, the suspension frame holds half a ton
Painted copper, the hearts are really made of steel
Each heart took a half week of heating with an acetylene torch and bending by hand
Low view of the footboard
The two rail side allows rope to be tied anywhere along the outside of the bed
A beautiful, bondage-friendly king-sized bed

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