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When I told my mom we were going to Burning Man, she went to their website, and did a lot of reading. Then she told me she still didn't know what it was, but it seemed like a lot of work to go to in order to have fun.

She's pretty much on target.

As a venue for a fetish event, the Black Rock Desert is very challenging. It's windy, dusty, and cold at night. There are children running around, so you need a space that keeps prying eyes, dust and wind out, and heat in. Our shelter kept kids out, and wind, but the dust and the cold got through. So we didn't play as much as we wanted. But the strangest time was when we did play outside (we did some naked rope suspension in the middle of the playa). The people at Burning Man are so jaded, they've seen everything. No shocked masses, no surprise, just a few approving glances and a guy who rode by on a bike without stopping who yelled "Nice Shibari work" over his shoulder.

On the other hand, if you go for the people, the costumes, the art cars, the fire, the sculpture, and the lights, you've got a miniature Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere. Pretty cool. Here then are some of the neatest thing we saw and did. And if you decide to go to Burning Man next year, start in February and read all the preparation guides. They made a great difference for us.

First, a legal disclaimer: we are not in any way official representatives or agents of Black Rock City, LLC. All works of art in these photos are copyrighted by their creators, and the photos are copyrighted by me. Please do not redistribute, publish or post them anywhere. If your face or art is in here and you want it removed, please let me know. If you're in here and want your name or the name of your art or camp in here, let me know that, as well.

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