Mick & Dee Luvbight's Erotic BDSM Photography.  Fetish photos by a real life master/slave couple. Colored ropes for japanese style rope bondage, shibari style.


Mick & Dee Luvbight's
Erotic BDSM Photography


Genuine fetish photos from a real-life bondage couple


As free citizens, we strongly believe in the rights of adults to pursue their own definitions of happiness.

As parents of teenagers, we also believe that minors should concentrate on growing up without engaging in adult pursuits such as drinking or sex with other people.

This web site is intended for open-minded adults who are interested in erotic photography, power exchange, and extreme marital aids. It features fetish and fantasy images including pony play, steel restraints, chastity belts, body piercings, and industrial strength vibrators.

If you are under 21 or if you are offended by free sexual expression or nudity, please do not enter this web site.

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Luvbight Bondage Photography by Mick Luvbight and Dee Luvbight. We have mostly nude photos of Dee in rope bondage, chain bondage, steel cages, in suspension bondage and locked in her steel chastity belt. We practice BDSM and S&M (bondage and discipline and sadomasochism), but always in a consenusal, safe and sane setting. Mick is exerienced in giving and Dee in receiving spankings, flogging, caning and single-tail whipping, and especially forced orgasms from sexual vibrators and fucking machines. Dee is also subject to pony girl training, blow job training, female submission and public exhibitionism. We attend Kink in the Caribbean, Vicious Valentine, ShibariCon, FetishCon, Leather Retreat, Texas Latex Party and Paddles NYC

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All photos, text and graphics are original content copyrighted by Mick Luvbight, except where noted.

This web site and its contents are intended only to document the real life of an unusual married couple. Nothing herein is intended to encourage others to engage in any of these activities. Mick and Dee have extensive experience and training in bondage and S&M, and even with extensive training, these practices can be inherently dangerous. Please play safely and responsibly.

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

The title of this work is Mick & Dee Luvbight's Erotic BDSM Photography.

The date of production of this work ranges from 1-Jan-2000 to today (ie: the earliest photograph on this site was taken in 2000, and this compilation is a work in progress). All models were age 18 years or older when photographed. In fact, the average age of our models when first photographed is 34 years old, and the youngest was 27 years old.

Records required by law are kept by Mick Luvbight; Luvbight Photography is currently being moved from Pittsburgh to Texas, so the records are also in transit. Once they are delivered to Texas, we will publish the address here.

For authorized DoJ officials: Luvbight Photography's 2257 records

We are not an "organization", just a kinky married couple.

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